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Robert Elsie

Dialect relationships in Goidelic
A study in Celtic dialectology

ISBN 3-87118-788-7
Helmut Buske Verlag, Hamburg 1986
262 pp.


  • Introduction to the language group
    The Celtic languages
    Goidelic Celtic
    Irish, Scottish and Manx Gaelic. Languages or dialects?
  • Purpose and methodology
    Measuring linguistic distance between variants
    Informants and dialect points
    The control sampling
    Restrictions in application
  • Basic vocabulary corpus (control sampling)
    Basic vocabulary corpus (control sampling)
    Control sampling for Manx
    Control sampling for Old Irish
  • Statistical results
    Cognate grouping chart
    Lexical distance chart
    Order of proximity chart
    Degree of proximity chart
  • Areal evaluation of results
    Munster Irish
    Connemara Irish
    Donegal Irish
    Southern Scottish Gaelic
    Scottish Gaelic of Skye
    Scottish Gaelic of Uist
    Scottish Gaelic of Harris and Lewis
    Scottish Gaelic of the Northern Mainland
  • Evolution and constellation of Goidelic dialects
    Contrast with Old Irish
    Wave theory of linguistic evolution
    Relationships within Ireland
    Relationships within Scotland
    Munster-Northern Mainland affinity
    Irish vs. Scottish Gaelic vs. Manx
  • Summary

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