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The Albanian Treason Trial (1945)

Albanian Studies, Vol. 3

ISBN 978-1507709511
Centre for Albanian Studies, London 2015
344 pp.

In late January 1945, the new communist rulers of Albania began a campaign to prepare and sensitize public opinion in the country for the Special Court for War Criminals and Enemies of the People. The daily newspaper Bashkimi decried the leaders of Balli Kombëtar and Legality as traitors, noting on 2 February: “All without any exception will give accounts before the Albanian people and before Albania. Today or tomorrow the sword of Albanian justice will fall on their necks…” The Special Court, set up on 25 December 1944 by order of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation Council, opened its doors at the Kosovo Cinema, the building later to house the National Theatre, on 1 March 1945. On trial were sixty men.

Table of Contents

Introduction, by Robert Elsie

Notes of a Foreign Observer, by Vandeleur Robinson

Proceedings of the Special Court for War Criminals and Enemies of the People

The Charges
The Hearing of Fejzi Alizoti
The Hearing of Tefik Mborja
The Hearing of Terenc Toçi
The Hearing of Xhevat Korça
The Hearing of Qemal Vrioni
The Hearing of Zef Benussi
The Hearing of Shuk Gurakuqi
The Hearing of Kostandin Kotte
The Hearing of Emin Toro
The Hearing of Zef Shiroka
The Hearing of Javer Hurshiti
The Hearing of Bahri Omari
The Hearing of Kolë Tromara
The Hearing of Lazër Radi
The Closing Arguments and Sentence of the Court

Biographies of the Main Participants and of Other Historical Figures of the Period



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