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Tales from Old Shkodra
Early Albanian Short Stories

Albanian Studies, Vol. 5

ISBN 978-1508417224
Centre for Albanian Studies, London 2015
175  pp.

In the 1920s and 1930s, the writers of Shkodra in northern Albania were profoundly aware of the misery around them, and it is perhaps the extreme diversity of their social environment which furthered their talents. They looked to the West and longed for a new, European Albania, yet they found themselves in an archaic society, one so bound by the force of tradition and custom that progress was impossible. Their writings reflected and gave full expression to this dilemma. The present collection brings together a number of well-known short stories and prose sketches by two of the finest Albanian writers of the first half of the twentieth century: Ernest Koliqi and Migjeni. These two men of Shkodra, one raised as a Catholic and the other as Orthodox, could scarcely have been more different.

Table of Contents


Ernest Koliqi:
The Blood Feud
The Dukagjini Dancer
The Garden
The Golden Cradle

The Story of One of Those Women
The Student Back Home
Tragedy or Comedy?
Refrain of my Town
Forbidden Fruit
Do You Need Any Coal, Sir?
The Suicide of the Sparrow
Little Luli
In the Fly Season
The Platform of a Magazine
The Headless Idols
The Legend of Corn
Lethal Beauty
The Harvest
The Robber’s Kiss

Albania Then and Now, by Stuart Mann



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