Welcome to the website of Robert Elsie: writer, translator, interpreter and specialist in Albanian studies. Here you will find not only information about Robert Elsie, but in particular all the publications of the author: books, articles, book reviews and interviews from 1975 to the present day. The full text of many of these books and of most of the articles, book reviews and interviews can be downloaded as a PDF file. The focal point of the scholarly interests of Robert Elsie over the last thirty years has been Albanian culture, literature and history. The website Albanian Art is devoted to art in Albania in the broadest sense, that it to say, to the various artistic endeavours undertaken by Albanians or connected in some way with Albania and/or the Albanians. It does not purport to provide a comprehensive history of Albanian art, but simply to present aspects and phenomena that might be of interest to the international reader/viewer. The website Texts and Documents of Albanian History is a collection of texts which endeavours to throw light on a corner of Europe which is often ignored by historians and scholars. It is not designed as a history of Albania or of the Albanians, but is simply a compilation of historical texts - some important and some less important - from the eleventh to the twenty-first century, which will add to an understanding of the history and development of Albania and its people. Many of these works have never appeared before in translation. The website Albanian Language offers an introduction to the Albanian language, with some historical audio recordings in this language. In the section Albanian Dialects, the visitor can listen to the regional dialects of Albanian and hear how the language is spoken in the various parts of the Albanian- speaking world. The website Albanian Literature in Translation contains the largest selection of Albanian literature ever to appear in English translation. It comprises a wide range of authors from past and present, including writers from Albania, Kosova and the Albanian diaspora, as well as examples of Albanian oral literature. Some of these translations have been published but most of them appear there for the first time. The website Early Photography in Albania endeavours to present some early collections of photos of Albania and the Albanians, primarily from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which, it is to be hoped, will provide some fascinating glimpses into the past of the Albanian people. Have fun reading. Robert Elsie The texts of all articles and books which can be downloaded here may be copied for private use if the author and source are properly acknowledged. Please contact the author in advance for any commercial usage. Thank you. | Robert Elsie Webdesign 1998 — 2019 Josef Gross , Germany
Robert Elsie Writer, translator, interpreter,specialist in Albanian studies